Hi there, we're FolksWagon.

An online platform for reviews & recommendations. Our vision is to facilitate both the businesses and the folks for a constantly improving customer experience.

We believe people are inclined to connect and contribute towards betterment

hence our effort is to offer a free and reflective platform for people to share reviews and experiences. For businesses, we are a progress oriented platform; working towards better customer engagement through continuous apprising and innovation.

what we do

Our mission is to help people make better buying decisions and stimulate businesses to improve their quality and standard of service.

for people

We make it easier for you to discover the best businesses around you and share your experiences with all the other folks.

for businesses

We help you understand your customers better and implement requisite measures to increase customer value and improve their experience.

are you excited?

FolksWagon is not open for public yet. If you wish to have early access, please join the public beta list.